Kylian Mbappé warns French group captain Antoine Griezmann On the eve of Les Bleus

First meeting after the World Glass, unused French group captain Kylian Mbappé spoke for the first time. Between his feelings for his contemporary position and Antoine his little show with Griezmann, who is also eyeing the armband, there was something to be said. I just learned he spoke with Deputy Skip Griezmann last night. He confirmed it this Thursday at his first press conference as Les Bleus modern trailblazers. I spoke with Antoine and he was disappointed but it makes sense.

I told him I got the same answer.He is probably the most important must-have player of the Deschamps era. I am not superior to him. We want to join hands with him and me to make this French team rule world class. If he has anything to say before the meeting, I will sit and listen.

No one is allowed to approach at the entrance and everyone can designate themselves, ”assures the Parisian.

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Mbappé: «I want to reach out to others, I want to enable others to express themselves»

A good captain is team-oriented, united and united. A person who can demonstrate excellent performance. The first week went well. It was a great week with lots of compliments. Captains are based on each person’s personality.

I want to be open to other people and allow them to express themselves.” He intends to contribute his qualities to the group, but he also enjoys this promotion. is.

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I am the captain of my country. You can’t avoid it. It’s a new responsibility and of course I’ll take it, it won’t change the way I play, but it will probably change my behavior.”


Kylian Mbappé
Kylian Mbappé

He repeats the scene where Didier Deschamps broke the news on Monday night. When a coach comes to you, your mouth immediately says yes.

Kylian never expected to become captain. He was substituted on Monday and the coach asked me if I would do it. Finally, Mbappé is sometimes described as an egocentric individual who embraces her individuality while rejecting images that are sometimes distorted by traditional media and her social networks.

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Wearing this armband for the first time tomorrow against the Netherlands will start a new chapter for him and the French team he is the new leader.

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