Euro 2024 Trophy: Teams, Chances And Best Players

Introduction to Euro 2024

The excitement of international soccer takes center stage as Euro 2024 kicks off in Germany. Spanning 10 cities from Hamburg to Munich, this tournament promises a spectacle of footballing prowess. With the event set to unfold between June 14 and July 14, Europe awaits a showdown of epic proportions.

Albania: The Underdog Story

Can’t-miss star: Kristjan Asllani. Among Albania’s roster, Asllani shines as a standout talent. His prowess on the field, honed during Inter Milan’s Serie A title run, makes him integral to Albania’s hopes.

Breakout candidate: Ernest Muçi. Keep an eye on Muçi, whose performance at Besiktas this season hints at his potential to dazzle as a tricky attacking midfielder.

Why they won’t win it all: Albania faces an uphill battle, with a tough draw against Spain, Croatia, and Italy in Group B. Despite their resilience, progression beyond the group stage seems unlikely.

Realistic chances: Led by Sylvinho, Albania aims to blend resilience with flair. While another historic win may be a stretch, expect them to showcase glimpses of brilliance.

Austria: An Uphill Battle

Can’t-miss star: Marcel Sabitzer. Sabitzer’s heroics for Borussia Dortmund make him a key player for Austria, particularly against formidable opponents.

Breakout candidate: Leopold Querfeld. With David Alaba’s absence, Querfeld emerges as a potential starter, showcasing his skills as a defender for Rapid Vienna.

Why they won’t win it all: Despite recent victories, Austria faces tough competition in Group D, with France, Netherlands, and Poland posing significant challenges.

Realistic chances: Austria’s journey hinges on navigating a challenging group. While reaching the knockout stages is the goal, it’ll require top-notch performances.

Belgium: Golden Generation’s Last Hurrah?

Can’t-miss star: Kevin De Bruyne. As Belgium’s midfield maestro, De Bruyne’s leadership and skill remain crucial to their success.

Breakout candidate: Jérémy Doku. The young winger’s pace and trickery add depth to Belgium’s attacking prowess, making him one to watch.

Why they won’t win it all: Despite talent aplenty, Belgium’s history of falling short in crucial moments raises doubts about their ability to clinch the title.

Realistic chances: Belgium eyes a comfortable group stage, aiming to secure a spot in the quarterfinals. However, overcoming past disappointments will be key.

Euro 2024
Euro 2024

Croatia: Navigating Tough Waters

Can’t-miss star: Luka Modric. Despite his age, Modric’s experience and skill make him Croatia’s linchpin, driving their quest for success.

Breakout candidate: Lovro Majer. As Croatia’s emerging talent, Majer’s midfield prowess adds depth to their lineup, hinting at a bright future.

Why they won’t win it all: Croatia faces a daunting group, with Italy and Spain posing significant challenges. Selection queries and fitness concerns further dampen their prospects.

Realistic chances: Croatia’s stable core and experienced coach offer hope for a strong showing. While a deep run is possible, overcoming group stage hurdles is the first step.

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Czechia: Punching Above Weight

Can’t-miss star: Patrik Schick. With a knack for goal-scoring, Schick’s prowess up front remains Czechia’s primary attacking threat.

Breakout candidate: Martin Vitík. As a highly-rated centre-back, Vitík’s defensive prowess could prove vital, especially against stronger opponents.

Why they won’t win it all: Recent coaching changes and squad limitations may hinder Czechia’s chances, particularly against tougher opposition.

Realistic chances: Czechia eyes a competitive group stage, with a focus on securing a spot in the knockout rounds. Surpassing expectations would mark a significant achievement.

Denmark: Navigating New Terrain

Can’t-miss star: Morten Hjulmand. The midfielder’s energy and playmaking skills are crucial for Denmark’s midfield, driving their quest for success.

Breakout candidate: Rasmus Hojlund. With an impressive scoring record, Hojlund’s attacking prowess adds depth to Denmark’s frontline, offering hope for breakthrough moments.

Why they won’t win it all: Despite past successes, Denmark faces tough competition in Group C, raising doubts about their ability to advance.

Realistic chances: Denmark aims for a strong group stage showing, with eyes set on reaching the knockout rounds. However, overcoming formidable opponents is the primary challenge.


  • Nickname: The Three Lions
  • Manager: Gareth Southgate
  • Key Player: Harry Kane
  • Breakout Candidate: Adam Wharton
  • Chances: Openly embracing expectations, aiming to build on their performance in the 2020 Euros.


  • Nickname: Les Bleus
  • Manager: Didier Deschamps
  • Key Player: Kylian Mbappé
  • Breakout Candidate: Bradley Barcola
  • Chances: Among the favorites, boasting talent and depth, led by the world-class Mbappé.


  • Nickname: Jvarosnebi
  • Manager: Willy Sagnol
  • Key Player: Khvicha Kvaratskhelia
  • Breakout Candidate: Giorgi Mamardashvili
  • Chances: Considered underdogs, facing challenges due to squad depth and lack of recent wins against strong opponents.


  • Nickname: Die Nationalmannschaft
  • Manager: Julian Nagelsmann
  • Key Player: Toni Kroos
  • Breakout Candidate: Deniz Undav
  • Chances: A work in progress team, potential to perform well in the group stage but unlikely to win the tournament.
Euro 2024
Euro 2024


  • Nickname: Magyarok
  • Manager: Marco Rossi
  • Key Player: Dominik Szoboszlai
  • Breakout Candidate: Milos Kerkez
  • Chances: Limited squad depth, relying heavily on key players like Szoboszlai, aiming for at least the round of 16.


  • Nickname: Gli Azzurri
  • Manager: Luciano Spalletti
  • Key Player: Nicolò Barella
  • Breakout Candidate: Riccardo Calafiori
  • Chances: Defending champions facing challenges in attack, aiming for a deep run despite a tough group stage.


  • Nickname: Oranje
  • Manager: Ronald Koeman
  • Key Player: Virgil van Dijk
  • Breakout Candidate: Xavi Simons
  • Chances: Moderate recent performance, aiming for at least a quarterfinal spot with Van Dijk leading the defense.


  • Nickname: Biało-czerwoni
  • Manager: Michał Probierz
  • Key Player: Robert Lewandowski
  • Breakout Candidate: Nicola Zalewski
  • Chances: Facing challenges due to injuries and tough group, aiming for at least a round of 16 berth.


  • Nickname: A Seleção (The Team)
  • FIFA rank: 6
  • Euro 2024 group: Group F
  • Manager: Roberto Martínez
  • Record in past 12 months: 11W-0D-2L
  • Key Player: Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Breakout Candidate: Vitinha
  • Chances: With a strong qualifying record and a talented squad, Portugal aims to capitalize on their attacking prowess, led by Ronaldo, to go all the way. However, blending the wealth of attacking options into a cohesive unit under a new manager presents a challenge.
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  • Nickname: Tricolorii (The Tricolours)
  • FIFA rank: 46
  • Euro 2024 group: Group E
  • Manager: Edward Iordănescu
  • Record in past 12 months: 4W-7D-1L
  • Key Player: Nicolae Stanciu
  • Breakout Candidate: Ianis Hagi
  • Chances: While aiming for qualification from the group stage, Romania faces historical challenges in major tournaments. Ending their winless streak and progressing to the round of 16 would be considered a success.


  • Nickname: The Tartan Army
  • FIFA rank: 39
  • Euro 2024 group: Group A
  • Manager: Steve Clarke
  • Record in past 12 months: 4W-3D-5L
  • Key Player: Scott McTominay
  • Breakout Candidate: Billy Gilmour
  • Chances: Seeking their first knockout stage qualification in a major tournament, Scotland aims to progress from the group stage. Their success hinges on overcoming their goal-scoring challenges.


  • Nickname: Оrlovi (The Eagles)
  • FIFA rank: 33
  • Euro 2024 group: Group C
  • Manager: Dragan Stojković
  • Record in past 12 months: 5W-2D-5L
  • Key Player: Aleksandar Mitrović
  • Breakout Candidate: Lazar Samardzic
  • Chances: Serbia carries a talented squad but faces the burden of underperformance in major tournaments. Progressing beyond the round of 16 would be an achievement, with key players like Mitrović and Samardzic expected to lead the charge.


  • Nickname: Sokoli (The Falcons)
  • FIFA rank: 48
  • Euro 2024 group: Group E
  • Manager: Francesco Calzona
  • Record in past 12 months: 8W-1D-3L
  • Key Player: Milan Skriniar
  • Breakout Candidate: Tomás Suslov
  • Chances: Slovakia relies on a solid defensive setup but lacks top-tier talent. Progression from the group stage is plausible, with an eye on potentially reaching the round of 16.


  • Nickname: None
  • FIFA rank: 57
  • Euro 2024 group: Group C
  • Manager: Matjaž Kek
  • Record in past 12 months: 8W-3D-2L
  • Key Player: Jan Oblak
  • Breakout Candidate: Benjamin Sesko
  • Chances: Slovenia aims to capitalize on their underdog status, targeting positive results against tough opponents like Denmark and Serbia. Their focus is on playing defensively and utilizing key players like Oblak to secure points.


  • Nickname: La Roja (The Reds)
  • FIFA rank: 8
  • Euro 2024 group: Group B
  • Manager: Luis de la Fuente
  • Record in past 12 months: 10W-1D-1L
  • Key Player: Rodri
  • Breakout Candidate: Lamine Yamal
  • Chances: Spain boasts a mix of experienced players and emerging talents, aiming to navigate through a tough group. A quarterfinal appearance is the minimum expectation, with potential to challenge for the title if they can harness their collective strength effectively.
Euro 2024 - Ronaldo Bye Bye
Euro 2024 – Ronaldo Bye Bye


  • Nickname: Nati (National Team)
  • FIFA rank: 19
  • Euro 2024 group: Group A
  • Manager: Murat Yakin
  • Record in past 12 months: 4W-7D-1L
  • Key Player: Granit Xhaka
  • Breakout Candidate: Dan Ndoye
  • Chances: Switzerland faces challenges in overcoming historical tournament struggles and defensive vulnerabilities. While boasting individual talent, especially in midfield, their attacking prowess is a concern. Progression from a tough group featuring Germany and resilient opponents like Hungary and Scotland is the primary aim.
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  • Nickname: Ay-Yıldızlıların (The Crescent Stars)
  • FIFA rank: 40
  • Euro 2024 group: Group F
  • Manager: Vincenzo Montella
  • Record in past 12 months: 5W-3D-4L
  • Key Player: Hakan Çalhanoğlu
  • Breakout Candidate: Kenan Yildiz
  • Chances: Turkey’s recent performances exhibit inconsistency, reflecting their status as a relatively unknown entity in the tournament. While boasting emerging talents like Yildiz and Çalhanoğlu, their lack of pedigree at this level and defensive setbacks pose challenges. Optimism surrounds their potential to challenge for top spot in Group F but progression beyond the round of 16 seems challenging.


  • Nickname: Синьо-жовті (The Blue and Yellow)
  • FIFA rank: 22
  • Euro 2024 group: Group E
  • Manager: Serhiy Rebrov
  • Record in past 12 months: 7W-4D-2L
  • Key Player: Oleksandr Zinchenko
  • Breakout Candidate: Georgiy Sudakov
  • Chances: Ukraine enters the tournament amidst the backdrop of war, aiming to channel national pride into on-field success. Despite qualifying challenges and injury concerns, their youthful squad led by stars like Zinchenko and promising talents like Sudakov and Mudryk aims to make a mark. While progressing from the group stage is feasible, their journey beyond may be tempered by their relative inexperience at this level.

Each team faces unique challenges and opportunities, setting the stage for an exciting and unpredictable Euro 2024 tournament!

Which Team Win The Euro 2024

In conclusion, Euro 2024 promises to be a thrilling tournament filled with excitement, unpredictability, and the potential for emerging stars to shine on the international stage. While each team faces its own set of challenges, from historical struggles to injury setbacks, they all possess key players who could play pivotal roles in their respective squads’ success.

From seasoned veterans like Cristiano Ronaldo and Granit Xhaka to rising talents like Kenan Yildiz and Georgiy Sudakov, the tournament boasts a diverse array of talent across all participating teams. These players will be tasked with leading their nations through the highs and lows of the competition, navigating tough group stages and knockout rounds alike.

Ultimately, the outcome of Euro 2024 remains uncertain, with no clear favorite emerging from the pack. The tournament’s format ensures that every match will be fiercely contested, with no room for complacency. As fans eagerly anticipate the action to unfold, one thing is certain: Euro 2024 promises to deliver unforgettable moments and showcase the best of European football talent on the grandest stage.

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